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When you are in need of a quality Bethlehem computer repair company, the best place to call is Easton Computer and Electronics. We will ensure that all your computer problems are a thing of the past.

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Services Offered:

  • Computer Repairs
  • Virus Removal
  • Wireless Networking
  • Hard Drive Repairs
  • Data Recovery
Finding a Bethlehem Computer Repair Service you can Trust

We've all seen it before, the blue screen of death or even worse we press the power button only to get a series of beeps and then nothing. Computers can be very useful tools when they’re working correctly or extremely frustrating when they’re not. Just like people, our computers require some TLC from time to time to function at their best but no matter how well you treat your computer, things can go wrong. If you manage a company or have a home office you know how computer problems can affect productivity and ultimately your profits.

Even if you’re able to handle some computer problems yourself, you may find there’s a time when you simply need a knowledgeable Bethlehem computer repair tech to help you out. Computer repair has become a popular and profitable start up business and there are so many companies and individuals claiming to be the best. How do consumers know which computer repair company is really going to do the best job? You’ll need to do some research to find the right Bethlehem computer repair service for your specific needs.

Bethlehem Computer Repair: On Site or in the Shop

If you’re in need of a Bethlehem computer repair service, you should look for one that makes house calls. If you need your computer up and running as soon as possible you don’t want to take it out to a shop and wait days or sometimes even weeks to get it back. With onsite computer repair becoming the norm you can often have your computer back in service in just a few hours or less. You'll surely find Easton Computer and Electronics to be your best option.

Of course there are times when a computer is beyond a quick fix and it might need to be taken to the shop. If you own a small company or home business, all your important files may be on that one hard drive. Despite the fact that we all know we should regularly back up our data, many of us don’t. We tend to take it for granted that our computer won’t crash. But if it does, it can be a little scary to put your computer in the hands of someone you don’t know. You need to find a Bethlehem computer repair service that you can trust and that will protect your data and your privacy.

If your computer does have to head to the shop for repairs ask the Bethlehem computer repair service what kind of turnaround time they have. Some repair places may take up to three weeks to return your computer. We don't. You really shouldn’t have to wait more than a day or two, and most jobs will only take a few hours. The Bethlehem computer repair service may find that they have to send your machine to the manufacturer for repairs or parts. Find out if your computer can be fixed in-house or if it needs to be sent out. This can make a significan't difference in how long it takes for you to get your computer back. If you can’t be without your computer for a few days you may need to shop around.

Bethlehem Computer Repair: Quality Technicians and Good Rates

Find out if the Bethlehem computer repair company technicians are certified to work on your make of computer. For a computer repair company to be good at their job, they need to be experienced at handling even the most complex repairs. There are special programs offered by most computer manufacturers to certify technicians to work on their specific brand of computers Certification won’t guarantee that the Bethlehem computer repair technician can fix your computer but it’s usually a good indication that they have spent the time to learn their trade and probably know what they’re doing.

Ask about rates. A Bethlehem computer repair service will usually charge by the hour but a few may charge by the job. Look for a company that will give you an accurate quote before they begin the work. If your computer must be taken to the shop for repairs make sure it is their policy to contact you for approval if they find additional problems that will increase their original quote. Ask if there is a call out fee or diagnostic charge. Some Bethlehem computer repair services may charge a fee for making a house call or checking out your computer whether they can repair it or not.

Ask the Bethlehem computer repair company what their policy is if they can’t fix your computer. Of course it would seem logical that you shouldn’t be charged if the technician can’t fix your computer, but many companies will still charge you for their time and effort so this may be a feature you’ll want to ask about up front.

Bethlehem Computer Repair Guarantee

Does the Bethlehem computer repair company provide a guarantee on the work? Make certain you get some sort of guarantee on the repairs. If your computer still isn’t working right or it breaks down shortly after you get it back then you’re not only going to be out a lot of money but your computer still won’t be functioning. Some computer repair companies will offer a limited 30 to 90 day guarantee on their services but some will actually guarantee their work for as long as 6 months. Some of the manufacturers of computer parts will provide additional guarantees.

So if your computer begins behaving badly by running slow, freezing up, throwing error messages at you or simply refusing to come on, it may be time to look for a qualified Bethlehem computer repair service. You may need to do some searching and ask a few questions but the little added time you spend to locate a reputable company is going to be an important factor in getting your computer up and running again. Most Bethlehem computer repair companies are professionals and good at what they do. Getting one that you can rely on to do the job properly will definitely contribute to the long life of your computer.


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"Love this place! They are friendly and have always been able to fix my computer or help me with a problem in a timely manner. I highly recommend them. Oh, and they got me a great deal on my TV as well. "

Patricia S.

"WOW!!! These guys provide excellent computer services, and are fast. I can call for tech support when needed and the turnaround time for repairs are speedy. I've been purchasing quality products with warranty from Easton Electronics for over 7yrs now and these guys are honest and always take care of me. Their rates are the lowest around too....All Around Good Business."


"I have been using Easton Electronics for business and personal computer needs since 2005. I make my living using technology, and also have a talented team of technicians I work with in New York City. Point is, I know a few things about computers. I also have a view of how service should be provided. Most vendors don’t care enough, or know enough or have enough resources for me to want do business with. Easton Electronics has all these-, integrity, knowledge and resources. Mix these together and what you get is superior service. This comes primarily from the work ethic and attitude of the shop’s owner, Paul Sherman. More than once Paul has called me up when a project could have “just been done” to say-“if we did it this way, it would be better”- he would discover a new piece of hardware that had a better price, a little more power, something that would make the project better. This consistent interest in the best possible outcome really got my attention. He seems to hire pretty good people as well. I have worked with a pleasant fellow Zeus, on a couple of projects that stumped my own techs-(or that I did not want them to spend any more time on) and Zeus came through, on time and within budget. One night, they kept the shop open for me when I had a vital server in need of repair, and I know Paul spent most of the next day gathering the parts needed to get me back on my feet. I think I have built seven computers total with Easton computers, and never been disappointed. When I just need a computer, I go to Staples. When I get a computer with a special purpose that I am going to need to rely on, I go to Easton Electronics. "

Christopher B.